Meet the 2b|Team

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I’m Becca, Owner/Photographer of 2b|Photography, and it’s my honor to introduce the 2b|Team!



Meet Brittany!

DSC01460Brittany is our very talented social media and communications manager.  She has a masters in English and flawless taste in style.  She’s a beautiful person inside and out, which is why we love her, and why our clients can trust that she has their best interests at heart!  Brittany lavishes our social media platforms with inspirational imaging and meaty information to back it up.  She makes sure that our 2b|Community is getting the most current tips, tricks and insights they will need as they plan their events throughout the year  We don’t know how she does it all… but so glad to have Brittany as part of our amazing 2b|Team!


Meet Bryan!
DSC00069Bryan is the number one reason you are reading this right now. He handles all of our IT “techy” stuff and resolves most issues in seconds that leave many scratching their head and throwing their hands up in resignation.  Bryan has a degree in architectural design with 10 years of experience in project management and team coordination.  He is intentional about everything that he does, with tremendous attention to detail and time-management skills that wow us every day.  Somehow the clocks tick a lil slower for him and he keeps things ticking for us here at the studio and in the field so that we can serve our clients and provide the very best 2b|Experience!

Meet Laura!
DSC09950Laura is one of our very talented, people loving photographers.  She has never met a stranger and truly upholds the “above and beyond” service that we strive for.  Laura has a masters degree in architecture, several years of experience in team management and photography, and a very honed eye for color, composition and creative opportunity.  When Laura is onsite, you can rest assured that she will do whatever it takes to get “the shot” and help to facilitate a fun, easy-going atmosphere for you and your guests.  These, and so many other attributes make Laura a priceless asset to the fabric of 2b|Photography!


Meet Carlene!
DSC01539Carlene, well this picture says it all!  Juggling studio tasks and clients needs with the biggest, brightest, most sincere smile on her face.  When she sees a job that needs to be done, she never has to be asked; She rolls up her sleeves and jumps right in with the determination and focus to get the job done right.  Carlene is a UAB science major with a focus in Epidemiology and spends countless hours each week in research and discovery.  She was also the editor and chief of the school’s newspaper and took the publication from non-existent, to a well-read publication among the student body and beyond.  With this impressive set of multi-tasking skills, Carlene so gracefully manages our studio and our team, while providing the most pleasant and complete service to each and every client that we serve!