Happy Mother’s Day

When you were little, your mother was everything to you.  She did everything for you and you just knew you had the best mom in the world.  As you look back, you may ask yourself what’s changed over the years.

2017-05-14_0004 2017-05-14_0005

She used to help pick out your cloths for school and those special occasions.

2017-05-14_0006 2017-05-14_0002

She used to help you dress and made sure your buttons were lined up evenly.


She tied your laces so you wouldn’t trip.


She provided those dainty details and spoke sweet words of life so that you looked and felt your absolute best as you became a strong independent woman.


She looked on with a gaze of pride, joy and amazement on the first day of kindergarten as you carried that backpack that was as big as you were.


She was right there as you took your first steps.


She was nearby for so many “firsts”.

And even closer for those tearful “lasts”.


She was always by your side, through the happiness and the tears.

So today, you may be wondering whats changed over the years.  Turns out,


2017-05-14_0017Thank you mom, for who you are, and how much you loved me.

Then, now and forever, I love you too.

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